freshly ironed shirts

Sharp, crisp and clean

Ironing clothes so they look and feel brand new requires skill and experience

At Fairfax Launderette we use industry standard equipment and insider techniques to get your clothes looking great. We offer professional ironing of shirts and blouses plus trouser pressing.

Whether you are heading off to a wedding and need your clothes cleaned, dry cleaned and ironed as a one-off, or if you require a regular weekly supply of crisp, ironed shirts for work, you can rely on us for a satisfactory and reliable service.

We are currently running an offer for 10 shirts for £9.99.

The regular price for ironing is £1.60 per item

It’s curtains for you

We don’t just iron shirts. We iron all types of clothing (that require ironing) plus, we also iron curtains, bedding and even upholstery. We use a steam table that enables us to get flawless, professional results on heavy and large fabrics.

Please note that some curtain and upholstery material is not suitable for ironing. Please check the label, or double-check with us.

The cost will depend on the size and type of material, so please contact us for a quote.

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