Sports kits

dirty sports kit

The dirty truth

Sport’s kit can contain mud, sweat and tears, but may also contain bacteria. Get professional help.

Sunday league teams, school teams, 5-a-side, they all need kit and their kit always needs cleaning. Football, rugby and hockey in particular can turn a gleaming kit into a grass stained, mud covered mess.

When you have put time and effort into preparing for a game, why be left with the smelly, muddy kit afterwards.

Let Fairfax deal with your kit. We will collect it after the game and give it a thorough wash, often twice if need be and use industry techniques to remove stains. A dash of anti-bacterial liquid mixed in the wash ensures nothing nasty is left behind.

The end result is a gleaming, fresh smelling, bright kit ready to be muddied up the following week.

We offer discount to larger groups and regular returners.

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